Our g.org.eous Story

  • Here at g.org.e (Guilt-free Organic Eating) we are passionate about being guilt-free in every way:
  • Our chocolates are guilt-free as they are made with raw, organic superfoods and nothing else. Nothing processed, nothing artificial, no nasties full stop.
  • We ethically source our ingredients. They are always fair-trade giving us a guilt-free relationship with foreign workers too.
  • Being organic, our ingredients are also grown and processed in a sustainable way, enabling a guilt free relationship with the environment.
  • Guilt-free business practices? We are small company hand making truffles in small artisan batches with the emphasis on quality and taste rather than just profit.

Time for change

Like a growing number of people, we have a passion for eating well – clean, healthy, organic, no sugar, no dairy, no grains and no junk. As sufferers of gluten, dairy and soya allergies we realised that what we ate was the key to good health, and so fully embraced the need for change –  actively taking responsibility for our own health. Our dinner plates became picture perfect and super healthy. There was one big snag however – we’re also fully committed chocoholics!

Finding great tasting, high quality and healthy chocolate seemed impossible. There were plenty of chocolates that fitted the profile but they either contained large quantities of sugar substitutes (xylitol, stevia, coconut nectar, agarve syrup) or whilst being healthy, the taste was, how shall we say…a bit too healthy. We wanted chocolate! Not a health food which tastes a bit like chocolate.

And so g.org.e truffles were born – created within the principle of eating for health without compromising on taste. A rich, indulgent chocolate which allows eating to remain one of life’s great pleasures.

Our Mission

Our mission at g.org.e is simple: to create the healthiest, best tasting chocolate in the world.

A massive task admittedly, and we’re by no means there yet, but feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive and constructive that we are beginning to thrive.

We want g.org.e to always be improving and growing and we really do value our customer’s thoughts and feedback. We are meeting more and more people, both with and without food intolerances, who are so thrilled to find something delicious they can enjoy minus the health drawbacks that they keep coming back for more.

It seems there is a growing movement away from mass produced, processed, unhealthy food toward ethical, sustainable, healthy and altogether far more delicious produce, and we are proud to be part of this food revolution!